Conveyancing in South Australia will go electronic in 2014. With this more stringent requirements have been introduced by the Lands Titles Office for verification of parties involved in transactions.

As of now, it is regulation that all parties to a transaction have to be identified. From January 2014 this will be policed and no transaction can be completed unless the identification process is completed and certified. The identification process includes private individuals and also companies and their directors.

You can expect in future to have to produce various documents such as a passport, a driver’s licence and/or many other items for proof of identification.

Whilst the new measures will be an inconvenience and more time-consuming, the incidence of fraud and forgery in property transactions will be minimised.

More details will follow as to the exact requirement when you are transacting. It also will become possible to attend to the ID process at most (but not all) Australia Post outlets once agency arrangements are entered into with them.