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A Conveyancer Is Paid by You to Look After
Your Interest in a Transaction.

You can only be assured of this by appointing one yourself.
Independent Conveyancers only look after your interests.

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Consultations only by appointment.

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A Conveyancer Is Paid by You to Look After
Your Interest in a Transaction.

You can only be assured of this by appointing one yourself.

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Consultations by appointment.


Conveyancers Role

When you buy or sell a property or a business you will need a conveyancer to act for you. Some-one who has the experience and knowledge to look past the obvious and to act in your best interest.

You can appoint a conveyancer in 2 ways:-

  • Allow the agent to appoint one for you or
  • Ring us yourself and ask us to act for you.

Both options are easy.

There is only one option that works best in your favour.

Appoint us.

Independent Conveyancers guarantee that your interests and only your interests are looked after.


Benefits of your Own Conveyancer

When buying or selling real estate or businesses, if one conveyancer acts for both seller and buyer and/or is appointed by the agent, whose interest becomes the most important?

The potential for a conflict of interest is great. But it should not occur.

A conveyancer is paid by you to look after your interest in a transaction. You can only be assured of this by appointing one yourself.

We are independent so if you appoint us it means that we don’t have anyone else’s interest to look after but yours.

There are traps in buying or selling property and businesses. Often the contract itself can have clauses which are not in your interest and should be amended.

It is best if you contact us before you sign any documents.

To appoint Independent Conveyancers is very simple. Just phone or e-mail us. We will do the rest.

 It is best to choose your own conveyancer and have independent representation.

Avoid a conflict of interest and exercise your right.

Seller Tips

  • Have you been given a choice of Conveyancer or just had one appointed without your consent? Remember that the choice is yours and yours alone, when selling or buying a property.
  • Does your conveyancer have enough experience and knowledge to advise you properly and to handle your sale efficiently and properly. Not everything is as it seems sometimes
  • If you have a difference of views or interest with the agent, does your conveyancer represent you in this conflict of interest?
  • What are your rights in certain situations?
  • Should you be made aware of other implications – e.g. GST, Capital Gains Tax etc. (note that you should consult your own accountant or financial advisor if these are an issue. We will only give general advice in these areas).
  • What are your rights if a purchaser defaults?

Buyers Tips

When buying a property here are a few things to check before purchase.

  • What encumbrances, charges etc there are on the property or business? What happens to these?
  • Are all appliances etc in good working order and condition?
  • How is the electrical wiring and plumbing etc?
  • What is included and excluded? Lists should be detailed eg: is the TV antenna staying?
  • Can I do a final inspection before settlement? (most contracts don’t allow for this).
  • Whose interest does the agent represent? (usually not yours!)
  • Is GST applicable on the purchase price? There are cases where residential properties may attract GST.